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To begin with … I am, and have been, a supporter of social media.  I have been on Twitter since June of 2012 when I went to the Texas Association of Secondary School Principals Summer Workshop in Austin and went to a session on using Twitter as a tool for personalized learning. I talked to my teachers about it and many of them have also joined in and use Twitter on a regular basis for their own learning and sharing.  I also use Instagram to share pictures and information, mainly because most of my students use it, and I wanted to be able to get information to them as well as show off the good things that are happening at our school.  I do see the value in social media !!

However, I have not ever been on Facebook even though I knew it was the most widely used form of social media. The superintendent at my previous school would not allow us to have a Facebook account for our school (he called it The Evil Empire), so I just didn’t worry about it for my school or for myself.


I have been contemplating getting on Facebook for a while now, not really personally, but for my school.  I think we have done a fair job this year of reaching parents, but I knew it could be better.  I got with one of my teachers the other day and she talked me through creating a personal Facebook account so I could then create a Facebook page for our school. After doing this, I linked it with our school’s twitter account so now when I post on Facebook, it automatically posts on Twitter. That was one benefit … one post goes to two places, but the main benefit so far has been the ability to reach so many more people.  To be honest, I was really amazed and pleasantly surprised.  In just a few days of my school being on Facebook, we have tripled the amount of people who we reach and that are able to get information.  Now more people can see all the good things that are happening at our school.  It is important that we tell our stories of all the good things that are happening in our schools because many people never hear about the good … they only hear the bad … and if that’s all they hear, then that’s all they think is happening.  People thrive on the negative, but I want to spread the positive.

So with that, I am now officially personally on Facebook and I am a little shocked.  It amazes me not only the sheer number of people that are on Facebook but also how much time people are on it as well as the amount of information that gets posted.  I have used Twitter as a tool for my own learning and then occasionally I would share something that is just useless random information.  But with Facebook, I will have to get used to people putting every bit of their personal information out there for people to see and read about.  And I will have to caution myself to not do that as well.

Being on Facebook for these last few days has really opened my eyes even wider to the value of social media and the ability to reach so many people.  It also has reminded me to be wary of the pitfalls and that we should exercise some caution while connecting in the world of Facebook.

And to anybody who is my friend on Facebook, please be patient with me as I am still learning.


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Bang Head Here

Have you ever gotten frustrated?  I know, that’s a dumb question because we all have.  I guess the better question is How do you deal with Frustration?  Do you keep on doing the same thing hoping it will get better or change or do you do something different?

We (teachers, administrators, parents, students) all get frustrated from time to time … this is a given.  How we deal with this frustration determines if we will end up being successful or not.  We can blame others or we can look at ourselves and our actions.  We can’t control what someone else does … we can only control our what we do.

So here’s the challenge to myself — look at what I can do differently to get the results I want.

It’s really that simple.



Technically the first day of summer for 2014 will be on June 21st at 7:51 CST (according to; however, for me and my teachers at Ore City High School, it began on June 5th.  This was the first day without students…the first day without following the bell schedule…the first day without all of the teachers at school.  This was also the first day for the 2014-2015 school year.  Contrary to popular belief, summer does NOT mean teachers and administrators do nothing.  Once one school year is completed, the next one begins … immediately.

7:55 am on August 25, 2014 (the 1st day of school for OCHS) will be here before you know it !!

Enjoy your summer.   Relax.   Swim.   Have fun.   Go on a vacation.   Read more.   See new places.

Also …

Learn new things.   Get professional development.   Get connected.   Get on Twitter more.   Make yourself a better teacher or administrator.




The other night, I had a conversation with a superintendent and principal from another school district about all of their administrators and many of their teachers being on twitter.  We talked about being on twitter and how they have all grown as professionals.  We talked about the advantages of all of them being connected.  We talked about the process of getting others to be connected through twitter and how some people are hesitant while others are not.

This is the text of an email I sent to all the other administrators in my district.

I have talked about this before in our Admin. Meetings, but I want to take one more opportunity to get out the message about the benefits of our administrators being on Twitter.

It is a great place for each of us to find information that we can use in our respective schools and departments.  It is also a great place of each of us to share information for others to benefit from what we are doing and what we know.   Twitter is a great place to tell everybody about all the good things that are happening at our schools and district.




I think the most important part of this all, is that by being on Twitter, we would grow as professionals.  By growing, we are able to help our students, teachers, schools, and the world.

We would be leading by example.  Our teachers (and maybe some of us), I think, don’t value professional development in its current state because it is, in most cases, a one-size-fits-all approach.  Twitter can change this if we let it.  If we model this approach to professional development, then our teachers will see that we care about learning and then they may start caring a little more about learning.  Then our students will benefit and they may also start caring a little more about learning.

If this happens, our schools and our district will only get better.

If you are interested, I’ll help you however I can.  If not, please let me know and I won’t bother you anymore about this.