I Should be Ashamed of Myself !!

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As I was going through my daily newspaper feed looking at articles to read, I saw the address for this blog and I started going back and reading through some of my old posts. Some were longer, some were shorter, and some just had pictures.

Then I looked at my last post and it was dated June 24, 2015. Today is November 15, 2015 ! My last post to this blog was 5 months ago!


5 months ago!!




It’s not like I don’t have time … I spend a significant portion of my day on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram so time is not an issue.   I spend a lot of time in the evenings watching TV so again, time is not an issue.

So what is the issue?

Simply put … The issue is that I just haven’t taken the time to do it.  How much time does it actually take?  Not long. I just haven’t done it and I should be ashamed!

So with that, here’s my plan.  I will post at least once (hopefully more) per month as I get back into the routine  of writing for this blog.

And with that, as I continue to try to read and learn every day, maybe with this blog I can help someone else learn something along the way as well.

So, what have you learned this summer?




In the midst of summer school, traveling, sleeping, relaxing, mowing, whatever it is that you are doing this summer, don’t forget to take time for professional growth.

When you continue to learn, everybody wins.  Keep this in mind.

I’m curious.

What have you Learned this summer

Please share.

today was a good day

Today was a good day for me.  I was fortunate to hear two great educators — Todd Whitaker (@ToddWhitaker) and Eric Sheninger (@E_Sheninger) and while both of them had different points in their sessions, they both had a common focus, which should be our focus in everything we do in our schools.  We need to focus all our efforts so the students can benefit in their learning. We (the adults) have to improve ourselves and what we do in order to create an environment at our schools to where the students can benefit, which means learning and being prepared for life — today and after high school.

Most of our schools are not like it is in the real world, and we must do whatever we can to change this.  I’m talking about everything in our schools … from the actual school day and how it is divided up, to how we treat the other adults and how we treat the students, to how we use the everyday tools that we all now have, to how we learn, to everything. We need to open our eyes, out hearts, our minds, and begin to assess what we are doing NOW and evaluate that against where we need to be and decide what we need to do so that we can begin that move in the right direction.

I also attended a session today from Abi Adam (@aquatexas), Technology Specialist from Seminole ISD and Kevin McCasland, Principal of Seminole High School. This was something I was looking forward to since I first got the conference program and started mapping out my sessions.  This title of this session was Taking Paperless Beyond the Classroom, Effective workflow practices through the use of Google applications.  I know that there are a wealth of tools from Google that are FREE and that can help me be more efficient, and I want to learn more about them so we can be more effective at my school.

One specific topic within this session that I was particularly interested in was what time during the day they scheduled their mandatory tutorials and how they scheduled the students for this time. There are many different approaches and thoughts on this subject, and I am always looking at other schools and how they do it.  To me, this is one area from my school that I will tweak so that we can be more efficient and maximize the time that we can help our students be more successful.  This session goes together with one I attended yesterday with Lyndsae Benton, Principal from Crowley High School and Stefani Allen, Principal from North Crowley High School where they use what they call “Power Hour” to transform their campus culture and increase / improve their test scores and student achievement.

Today was a good day.  So was yesterday.  I, along with principals from all over the great state of Texas (and from other states too) are fortunate to be able to attend this conference to learn and grow.  Thank you @TASSP1 for a great summer workshop.

Click HERE for the link to resources that Eric Sheninger shared today

Click HERE for resources that Angela Maiers shared yesterday.  (This is a topic that I will come back to in another blog post)

I want to leave you with these words … this picture says it all !!!

never stop learning

“That’s not the way we’ve always done it.”

“In the past, we’ve (…fill in the blank here…)”

I will be honest now … I’ve heard these two statements so many times this year I think if I hear either one of them again I might puke.


Just to clarify, there have been a few times that I asked what was done in the past, but that was a calculated question because I didn’t want to hear someone come right back with the answer “In the past, we …”  And I’m not stubborn enough to not care what was done in the past either.  Sometimes knowing why it was done really makes sense and makes it easy to keep doing it because it was a good idea.  However, I feel that often times some people say something like this because they don’t want to do anything different and I think that just might be our downfall.  I think that school people (me included) often times get so comfortable in our routines that it becomes easy to keep doing whatever it is.  I say this with the understanding that it is not always easy to let go of old habits.  But, it also helps to look at where we want to be and ask ourselves if what we are doing know will get us there OR will I need to do something a little different to get some different results.


I also believe that there are people who only want to do things their way and when someone does something a little different (it doesn’t even have to be radically different either) then they get all out-of-whack, upset, and frustrated.  This to me is the sign of a selfish person.  I don’t think that is a quality that we need to have. There is nothing wrong with being confident in what you do, but when it gets to the point of “your way is the only way” this is when I lose my ability to want understand you.  I begin to tune you out.  I don’t want to be like this and I don’t want to be around people like this.

No Selfishness

So here are my challenges to all of us ….

  1. Don’t accept the status quo.  Look to see if it is working.  If it is, great.  Ask yourself … can it be better?
  2. Don’t just automatically start out a conversation with … “That’s not how we do it here.”  or “In the past, we ,,,,” or “That’s not the way we’ve always done it.”
  3. Ask Why?
  4. Strive to make things better.
  5. Don’t be selfish.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this.  Maybe I am the one that is out-of-whack in my thinking.  If so, let me know.

Hand holding a Social Media 3d Sphere

To begin with … I am, and have been, a supporter of social media.  I have been on Twitter since June of 2012 when I went to the Texas Association of Secondary School Principals Summer Workshop in Austin and went to a session on using Twitter as a tool for personalized learning. I talked to my teachers about it and many of them have also joined in and use Twitter on a regular basis for their own learning and sharing.  I also use Instagram to share pictures and information, mainly because most of my students use it, and I wanted to be able to get information to them as well as show off the good things that are happening at our school.  I do see the value in social media !!

However, I have not ever been on Facebook even though I knew it was the most widely used form of social media. The superintendent at my previous school would not allow us to have a Facebook account for our school (he called it The Evil Empire), so I just didn’t worry about it for my school or for myself.


I have been contemplating getting on Facebook for a while now, not really personally, but for my school.  I think we have done a fair job this year of reaching parents, but I knew it could be better.  I got with one of my teachers the other day and she talked me through creating a personal Facebook account so I could then create a Facebook page for our school. After doing this, I linked it with our school’s twitter account so now when I post on Facebook, it automatically posts on Twitter. That was one benefit … one post goes to two places, but the main benefit so far has been the ability to reach so many more people.  To be honest, I was really amazed and pleasantly surprised.  In just a few days of my school being on Facebook, we have tripled the amount of people who we reach and that are able to get information.  Now more people can see all the good things that are happening at our school.  It is important that we tell our stories of all the good things that are happening in our schools because many people never hear about the good … they only hear the bad … and if that’s all they hear, then that’s all they think is happening.  People thrive on the negative, but I want to spread the positive.

So with that, I am now officially personally on Facebook and I am a little shocked.  It amazes me not only the sheer number of people that are on Facebook but also how much time people are on it as well as the amount of information that gets posted.  I have used Twitter as a tool for my own learning and then occasionally I would share something that is just useless random information.  But with Facebook, I will have to get used to people putting every bit of their personal information out there for people to see and read about.  And I will have to caution myself to not do that as well.

Being on Facebook for these last few days has really opened my eyes even wider to the value of social media and the ability to reach so many people.  It also has reminded me to be wary of the pitfalls and that we should exercise some caution while connecting in the world of Facebook.

And to anybody who is my friend on Facebook, please be patient with me as I am still learning.

Today I was looking through my twitter feed and came across these pics and I thought they were very relevant so I thought I’d share.

Blog 1

blog 2

blog 3

blog 4

Leave a comment and let me know what your thoughts are.


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Bang Head Here

Have you ever gotten frustrated?  I know, that’s a dumb question because we all have.  I guess the better question is How do you deal with Frustration?  Do you keep on doing the same thing hoping it will get better or change or do you do something different?

We (teachers, administrators, parents, students) all get frustrated from time to time … this is a given.  How we deal with this frustration determines if we will end up being successful or not.  We can blame others or we can look at ourselves and our actions.  We can’t control what someone else does … we can only control our what we do.

So here’s the challenge to myself — look at what I can do differently to get the results I want.

It’s really that simple.