So, What Have You Learned This Summer?

Posted: June 24, 2015 in Uncategorized

So, what have you learned this summer?




In the midst of summer school, traveling, sleeping, relaxing, mowing, whatever it is that you are doing this summer, don’t forget to take time for professional growth.

When you continue to learn, everybody wins.  Keep this in mind.

I’m curious.

What have you Learned this summer

Please share.

  1. rtuckphs says:

    One thing that I heard that has made me do a lot of thinking is that school should be a place that kids want to be. In the process of thinking about rules and policies, I’m drawn to wanting to tighten some things up, but I also know that there is a balance…finding that balance is difficult but will only bring harmony when things are done just right. I value your thoughts on this.

    • scotwright says:

      You are right… balance is the key. kids generally do not like school because we are so behind the times and don’t want to move forward. If we never move forward we get further out of balance. We can tighten up while still being progressive. The problem is that for some, the focus is so narrow-minded with the mindset being on “how it was” instead of “how it can be”

  2. Kathy Smith says:

    I’ve been to two really interesting workshops this summer. The first was a round table of family consumer science teachers in which we shared all our favorites–best websites, projects, management and organizational tips, etc. Today I attended an FCCLA Summit. I’m really excited about making our chapter an active force in the coming school. And tomorrow I’ll be at a workshop one how to use graphic designers in CTE classes. So I have a lot of new information that I am eager to incorporate into the FCS classes to engage my students.

  3. So far this summer… I”ve learned to LOVE more. I knew this before, of course, but God reminded me. Don’t wait. I’ve even blogged before about do it TODAY AND NOT LATER, but sometimes our lives get in the way of what really matters. Pick up a newspaper or watch the news–this world gets in our way! LOVE EACH OTHER. Love is the most important thing. I’m not talking about the love the “hippies” talked about… I’m talking about true, sincere love like JESUS TALKED AND WALKED! Hold on, am I writing a blog? haha! I’m sure I will learn more this summer, but that is the most important thing.

  4. Staci Wilder says:

    I’ve been learning how to do literary circles , or stations, so that my classroom is a true student led environment. It’s something I’ve been wanting to try, but after seeing it done at a workshop, I now know how to go about it. It will take some “training” for me and the students, so now I’m trying to lay out the first couple weeks of school. I love summers for planning!!

    • Kathy Stringfellow says:

      I am interested in this. I love that you want to move to student led classroom. I used a lot of peer editing and student writing groups when I taught English.

  5. I think summer provides one of the best opportunities for PD and that can be through reflection, reading, connecting with PLN, etc. Your post is a good reminder for us not to overlook it. #compelledtribe

  6. Amy Hankins says:

    I know this blog is one more about professional growth, but I have learned more about how we feel about our students emotionally. Some students in our school have had to face different adversities this summer. I was once told by a principal to “love your students as your own.” In finding out a particular student is facing cancer, I found myself on the front porch crying and praying for the healing of this student. I never had the chance to teach this student in the classroom, but spent a lot of time with him outside the classroom in extra curricular activities. While in this position, I realized that I do love my students as my own and care for them on an education level and a personal level. I have learned that as a teacher we care for a students more than “parents” will ever understand. When our students hurt we do too.

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