Learning From Death

Posted: October 26, 2014 in Attitude, Learning, Relationships, Uncategorized

My dad passed away this week, and even though it was a tough time for me, there is a lot I can take away from it.  Whether it is a sudden loss, or as in my dad’s case, the result of a lengthy illness, death is never an easy thing to deal with.  People deal with death in different ways, and one way is not better than the other.  The way I deal with it is not any better or worse than how someone else deals with it.  It’s just different.  It just depends on the person.

This week has been filled with memories, some good and some bad.  This week has also been filled with much more.  I have seen the good in a lot of people, and it’s refreshing to know that their is still a lot of good in this world.   In a world with so much negativity, more times than not,  that’s all we see and hear.  But throughout this week, I have witnessed so much good in people and I am so thankful and grateful that words can not express my true feelings.

I have also learned a lot this week …

I learned that life is short.  Sure, this is something that I’ve heard many times before, but I’ve never thought much about it until now.  You never know when you are going to get sick or have an accident, so make the best of every day.

I learned that I need to let go of some ill feelings and let go of some of the grudges I have.  It doesn’t do any good any way to hold on to all the negative feelings.  This is hard for me to do, but I am going to work on it.

I learned that friends you make when you are young and in school are friends that you can have for a lifetime.  Many of my dad’s classmates came to his funeral, and they had stories and memories that were as clear and vivid now as they were 52 years earlier when they graduated. And as I think back to my classmates when I was in school, we were close back then and have a lot of memories, but we don’t stay in touch like we should.  I am going to make it a point to be better at keeping in contact and communicating more with my classmates.

I learned that I am doing somewhat right in the way I choose to treat people.  I want to treat people the way I would like to be treated even though sometimes its hard.  Today there were several of my teachers and people I work with from my current school and and some teachers from my previous school attend my dad’s funeral. There were also many people from my church attend.  They didn’t know him at all, but they chose to come because of me and my family.  They didn’t have to but they did, and I am truly grateful!

I learned that there are students today who are great kids (no matter what some people say about today’s teenagers). Several students came to the funeral.  It was heartwarming seeing a teenager show up for something like this when I know they would really rather be doing something more fun than attending a funeral.  I had one student come up to me in the hall this week at school and tell me that she was sorry to hear about my dad and ask could she just give me a hug.  How awesome was that!!

I learned that in everything in life can be a learning opportunity.  No matter what the situation, there is always something that we can take away and learn.  Take the opportunity when it comes and always be ready to learn.


Keep Learning


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