Summer 2014

Posted: June 8, 2014 in inspiration, Summer, Teachers
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Technically the first day of summer for 2014 will be on June 21st at 7:51 CST (according to; however, for me and my teachers at Ore City High School, it began on June 5th.  This was the first day without students…the first day without following the bell schedule…the first day without all of the teachers at school.  This was also the first day for the 2014-2015 school year.  Contrary to popular belief, summer does NOT mean teachers and administrators do nothing.  Once one school year is completed, the next one begins … immediately.

7:55 am on August 25, 2014 (the 1st day of school for OCHS) will be here before you know it !!

Enjoy your summer.   Relax.   Swim.   Have fun.   Go on a vacation.   Read more.   See new places.

Also …

Learn new things.   Get professional development.   Get connected.   Get on Twitter more.   Make yourself a better teacher or administrator.


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