New Graduation Plan with Endorsements

Posted: March 2, 2014 in #HB5
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Graduation Options

When House Bill 5 was being debated in the Texas Legislature, at first the main focus was the reduction of required number of STAAR End-of-Course exams from 15 to 5.   Students are now required to take EOCs in US History, Biology, Algebra 1, English 1, and English 2.

Now the main focus is on the new graduation requirements, which will affect all current 8th graders as the begin high school next year.

What we have now is called The Foundation Plan.   In addition, each student will have the option of graduating with an endorsement (possibly more than one).  The five endorsement areas are …

  1. STEM
  2. Arts and Humanities
  3. Business and Industry
  4. Public Service
  5. Multidisciplinary

Foundation Plan with Endorsements

We have had numerous meetings with administrators in our school district as well as with administrators for other school districts.  HB5 is very detailed and somewhat confusing because of all the options it allows.   However, I really believe that this is a great law that will benefit our students.  It gives choices and allows for differences in student’s interests.

We have been working hard to understand and plan for what we will be able to offer at Ore City High School.   We are now in the final stages of getting it all together in a package that we can present to the parents and to the students so they can make informed decisions about their future.   We are working on specifics as to exactly what courses we will be able to offer at OCHS and where exactly those courses fit into each endorsement area.

Once everything is completed, I will post again.

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