Professional Growth — Reflection and Transition

Posted: February 7, 2014 in Attitude, Leadership, Learning, Reflection
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How many of you are actively and regularly using twitter and /or some other form of social media for professional development and growth?  If not, I would like to highly encourage you to use any or all of these tools for your personal professional development.

Personal professional development is one area that all of us can improve on. We need to be a positive example for everybody in the district, an example not only for the other professionals but also for the students. When you model learning the students can begin to value learning more. This will only help to make our schools better. If we can model this type of professional growth to the teachers and students at the other campuses then when these students get to high school, the transition to our types of learning expectations will be easier and will make it better for all.


As we prepare to transition in Texas to the new graduation plans with endorsements, this is a perfect time for all of us to reflect on our own practices, our own teaching styles, our classes we’ve always taught, our willingness to accept new classes to teach and make a conscious decision to embrace new challenges and to take on more responsibility in our own professional growth.   All the while understanding that the educational system we’ve all grown so accustomed to is changing, our students are changing, and that we must begin to change our views as well (even though we are all reluctant to do so).

  1. Great reflection, Scot! It is good that the system is evolving, and we as educators have to be willing to evolve not just with it but maybe even ahead of it. I appreciate your post!

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