You Matter

How would you feel if someone told you that YOU MATTER?  How hard is it to let someone know that they really do matter?

This weekend I sent an email with a link to a YouTube video from Angela Maiers to everyone in our school district.  I usually don’t do this … I would usually just send to everyone on my campus, but this time I thought the message in this video was so powerful that everyone in my district needed to see it.  My hope is that it touched everyone in a way that would motivate each person to tell someone else … a student, a colleague, a friend, anyone … that YOU MATTER!

I got the following response from one of my teachers and I thought it was worthy to share with everyone.

I think sometimes we are so wrapped up in delivering our curriculum that we forget that our kids learn as much from us about how to treat people and how to appreciate life as they do about our subjects.

No former student over the last twenty four years has ever contacted me to say thank you I really appreciated all the lessons you taught me about Biology!  However, they have looked me up to say thanks for having their back, being their ‘school mom’, or making them feel smart.  I know we all have had this experience and if we are honest it is what keeps us in this profession.  I think the truth of what the lady on the video says is that if we are positive with our kids and make them feel they matter then probably everything else academically has a chance of falling into place.

What boggles my mind is that there are still teachers who perceive students as the ‘enemy’.  Almost every time I go to a workshop there will be someone griping about their students.  This speaks volumes about the attitude of the teacher speaking.  The sad thing is the people who need to watch this video most probably won’t or won’t perceive that they are the type of teacher who puts kids down and build negative barriers.  Alternatively, they take pride in the fact that our students ‘don’t like them’ like it is a badge of honor.  I think this is both sad and deeply disturbing. Everyone loses.

Long response, I know, but I’ve been thinking about this most of the day.  This video has an important message EVERYONE needs to watch it, from the students all the way up!

Thanks Angela Maiers for your Two Words Changing the World … You Matter.

You can follow Angela Maiers on Twitter @AngelaMaiers and you can go to her website at

Here is the video I sent to everybody in our district.  Hopefully it will inspire you like it did me.


What do you think about this movement?  How do you let others know that They Matter?

Remember .. YOU MATTER!

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