The start of the new school year is right around the corner.  In just a few days, teachers and students will be back in school , back to the routine that is all so familiar to us.  While some teachers and students will say they are not ready to come back, most really are ready.

Ready to learn.  Ready to teach.  Ready to make a difference.

Here are some questions to think about.

  1. What are you going to do this year?  Will it be the same as you’ve done every year?  You know, the saying … one year’s experience, twenty-five times!
  2. Are you ready to do something different?  Are you ready to put in to action what you learned from your summer professional development?
  3. Are you willing to commit to it?  Will you go right back to what you’ve always done because that is what you are comfortable with?

Is this what your classroom will look like this year?

desks - straight

Do you rely solely on textbooks to teach your class?


In this video from John Maxwell, he talks about the value of a rubberband.  It is  intended to be stretched.  Can you be stretched?

Here’s my challenge to you … What are you going do to stretch yourself ??


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