What Do Teachers Need from Administrators?

Posted: July 21, 2013 in Leadership, Principals, Teachers
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The Modern School Teacher


What do teachers need from administrators?  That’s a great question?  It would be nice for administrators to hear straight from teachers on this.

On Wednesday nights at 8:00 CST, you can follow the #TXED chat and find great dialogue from administrators, teachers, and many other educational professionals from Texas, many others states, and even from other countries.  This week the topic up for discussion was WHAT DO TEACHERS NEED FROM ADMINISTRATORS?  It was a fast paced chat as usual, and as I was following along, I tried to write down many of of the comments that teachers made.

What do principals need to keep in mind?  Here is just a sample of what the teachers said …

  1. just listen
  2. always have a bowl of chocolate
  3. teachers need time … allow for personal time
  4. protect instructional time … there needs to be fewer interruptions
  5. model what you want teachers to do
  6. build relationships
  7. be visible
  8. trust teachers
  9. be in classrooms more often and give feedback
  10. celebrate strengths
  11. have a Teacher-Brag-Board, and give shout-outs
  12. realize that the atmosphere and culture are most important
  13. principals need an open door
  14. listen, actively
  15. teachers are problem solvers
  16. going to the bathroom is a luxury
  17. be a mentor
  18. be a collaborator
  19. show, don’t tell
  20. teachers, students, and administrators  — all are learners!


Teachers:  What do you think about this list?  Agree?  Disagree?  What can you add to it?

Administrators:  What more can you do to support your teachers?


  1. Ray Deason says:

    This blog of what teachers really want from administrators. After reading the, principals need to take an inventory of themselves for positive, active performance. Maybe even the chocolate. Thankx for the share.

    Ray Deason

  2. Tagrid Sihly says:

    First of all, I love the graphic. I think it would be great if administrators would respect teachers and honor their expertise in certain areas. I also believe that healthy relationships would develop if administrators would be open to new styles of teaching and be attuned to what’s going on in the classroom. They should not be fixated on any one particular way of instruction. I love this post, Scot.

    • scotwright says:

      Thanks for the comments. I totally agree with you about healthy relationships. These are the key to success in the school. I also agree that we must be open to different styles of teaching and the willingness of teachers to take risks with their instruction. I can’t imagine how boring school would be for the students if all teachers taught the same way.

  3. […] read this great post from The Wright Stuff blog. I love how it talks about great ways to support teachers, celebrate […]

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