How many times have you heard students say that they hate school or that they dread school?  How many times have you heard students say something about not wanting to go to Mr. __________’s class (you can fill in the blank here) because they just can’t stand him or that class?

Far too many times!!!!!

For students, beginning school in Kindergarten is the highlight of their young lives.  It’s what they have been working for since birth … starting school!  They are so excited and just ready to soak up and learn everything they can from their teacher.  I would even bet that everybody can still remember their Kindergarten teacher’s name.   Mine was Mrs. Meador, and I still remember having so much fun in her class.

But then, somewhere along the way, something changed.  Kids begin to dread going to school.  They still go because they have to, but they really don’t look forward to it.  School became monotonous, boring, not fun, etc.


Let’s change our point-of-view for a minute.

Think back to when you began teaching.  Think about the excitement and nervousness of that first day and all the things you were going to do to help students get the best education possible.  You were going to change the world!   But then, somewhere along the way, for some (but not all), something changed.  School became monotonous, boring, not fun, etc.


There is not one answer to this question.  Whatever the reason, it is imperative that it gets changed.  We must once again find the JOY in teaching.  And I bet that when teachers once again find that JOY, then the students will once again find their JOY in going to school.  (See one of my previous posts, The Energy Bus — 10 Rules to Fuel You Life, Work, and Team with Positive Energy).

In this TEDx video, Dean Shareski does a great job posing the question — Whatever happened to joy in education?  You will really like this fun and insightful video and, after watching, will feel challenged to FIND JOY !!

  1. Tagrid Sihly says:

    Sometimes I think back to my elementary school days and reminisce in all the fun I used to have. I don’t feel like school is fun anymore. I often wonder about the causes for this myself. I believe that we can’t just blame ourselves. I feel that the system has a lot to do with it. When teachers are bombarded with too many initiatives and regulations there will undoubtedly be frustration and lack of enjoyment. We need leaders to facilitate, support and guide teachers to help them enjoy teaching again. They need to give them opportunities to be creative. Also, teachers really need to break down the walls of the box in order to reach every child. As long as children are learning joyfully and achieving their goals, teachers should be able to explore a variety of ways to make learning engaging. Thanks for this great post and the wonderful video.

  2. scotwright says:

    Thank you for your reply.

    I totally agree with your thoughts. We have to fix the system to help students and teachers.

  3. Some can find NO JOY in their life therefore spilling that attitude over into their work. *sad face*

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