Perception is Reality

Perception is Reality!  Even if it’s not correct.

If the perception people have of you is one of negativity, then that means you are negative.  For whatever reason, people perceive you as a negative person or perceive that you have a negative attitude.  It really doesn’t matter … perception is reality!

We always hear about being positive and avoiding the negative.  For some people it is easy.  For others, it’s almost impossible.  It really isn’t impossible, but it seems that way.

How can you change (or at least positively adjust) your negative attitude?

You must first look at yourself and recognize that there is a problem.  Look at your environment.  Who do you associate with mostly?  Are you a Lounge Lizard?  Are you the one who constantly bad-mouths everything?  Do you find yourself always looking for the bad and never seeing the good?

Are you the “Bad Apple” ? (One bad apple spoils the whole bunch!!)  That person, the Bad Apple, can affect the whole group or have a negative impact on the whole organization.  Negativity breeds negativity … just like success builds success.

Once you’ve identified yourself (or someone else!) as the Bad Apple, you can begin the process of changing your attitude / fixing the problem. You are making the choice to replace the negative with a positive.  Begin to look for the positives and the good in every situation.  It may be hard (especially at first) but you can do it.  Be the optimist not the pessimist!

It’s not easy to alleviate a negative attitude.  It won’t happen overnight.  It will take a conscious effort to be more positive.  It takes determination.  And you have to have patience.

Remember this quote from Winston Churchill —–

attitude is a little thing

Do you want to be perceived as negative or positive?  Do you want your organization to be perceived as negative or positive?

  • A positive outlook is a great thing to have!
  • A positive environment is a great thing to have!
  • A positive person is a great thing to be!

How is your outlook?  How is your environment?  How is your attitude?  Are you a positive person?  What is the perception people have of you?  Does it need to change?

Remember — Perception is Reality!

  1. Sounds like something I would write–but I’d use more descriptives. Haha!

  2. tammywhitehurst says:

    Good Post!

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