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Are you

Are you …

  1. Motivated?
  2. Confident?
  3. Reliable?
  4. Encouraging?
  5. Enthusiastic?
  6. Industrious?
  7. Focused?
  8. Resourceful?
  9. Open-minded?
  10. Determined?
  11. Persistent?
  12. Ambitious?
  13. Passionate?
  14. Driven?
  15. Positive?

Well …


Perception is Reality

Perception is Reality!  Even if it’s not correct.

If the perception people have of you is one of negativity, then that means you are negative.  For whatever reason, people perceive you as a negative person or perceive that you have a negative attitude.  It really doesn’t matter … perception is reality!

We always hear about being positive and avoiding the negative.  For some people it is easy.  For others, it’s almost impossible.  It really isn’t impossible, but it seems that way.

How can you change (or at least positively adjust) your negative attitude?

You must first look at yourself and recognize that there is a problem.  Look at your environment.  Who do you associate with mostly?  Are you a Lounge Lizard?  Are you the one who constantly bad-mouths everything?  Do you find yourself always looking for the bad and never seeing the good?

Are you the “Bad Apple” ? (One bad apple spoils the whole bunch!!)  That person, the Bad Apple, can affect the whole group or have a negative impact on the whole organization.  Negativity breeds negativity … just like success builds success.

Once you’ve identified yourself (or someone else!) as the Bad Apple, you can begin the process of changing your attitude / fixing the problem. You are making the choice to replace the negative with a positive.  Begin to look for the positives and the good in every situation.  It may be hard (especially at first) but you can do it.  Be the optimist not the pessimist!

It’s not easy to alleviate a negative attitude.  It won’t happen overnight.  It will take a conscious effort to be more positive.  It takes determination.  And you have to have patience.

Remember this quote from Winston Churchill —–

attitude is a little thing

Do you want to be perceived as negative or positive?  Do you want your organization to be perceived as negative or positive?

  • A positive outlook is a great thing to have!
  • A positive environment is a great thing to have!
  • A positive person is a great thing to be!

How is your outlook?  How is your environment?  How is your attitude?  Are you a positive person?  What is the perception people have of you?  Does it need to change?

Remember — Perception is Reality!

Help Wanted

Before this school year started I did a session on using Twitter.  Some of the teachers that attended have really taken to using Twitter and have done a lot with it throughout this school year so far.  Others, though, for various reasons, have been a little more reluctant to take advantage of it.  It’s also no secret how many of my teachers feel about some of the professional development opportunities that have been forcefully made available to them in previous years.  In many instances, I feel the same way as they do.  That’s what is so great about Twitter.  It puts the teachers in control of their own professional development through the connections they individually make.

As a principal, my main job is to make sure that the teachers are effective in the classroom.  Effective instruction is the best way to increase student achievement.  Each one of my teachers has a unique set of abilities that helps them to be effective in the classroom; however, each one of them also needs improvement.  We all do!  Those teachers who think they don’t ever need to improve should get out of this profession!!  I’m extremely lucky.  I have a great group of teachers at my school that are willing to do whatever they can to make themselves better.

As a principal, another part of my job is to get my teachers the tools they need to be effective in the classroom.  This is where I am asking for your help.  I want to help my teachers make connections with other teachers.  In turn, they can meet other teachers who have the same passion for learning and self-improvement.  In turn, they can learn something new that they can use in their classes.  In turn, they can become better teachers and have more effective instruction.

Here is a list of my teacher’s Twitter handles:



Wright, Lesa @WrightLisa
Nixon, Shane @NixonCoach
Henson, Wendy @WendyHenson225
Jones, Jamesa @JamesaJones
Soper, Ze Ze @ZeZeSoper
DeLorme, Lily @LilyDeLorme
Antes, Kerri @KerriAntes
Cariker, Sally @carikers
Brach, Vince @BrachVince
Touchstone, Keith @CoachTouch
Eudy, Jordan @JEudy24
Smith, Doug @smithd0710
Montgomery, Kim @MontgomeryKim1
Anderson, AnthonyBand
Clawson, Rita — Art @RitaClawson
Coleman, Johnny — Ag @JohnnyColeman16
Jones, Roger — Ag @RogerJones2009
Evelyn Nieves — Spanish  @nievesetu
Mock, Amy — Family and Consumer Science @AmyMockL
Rogers, Jennifer — Technology @rogersjochs
Heflin, Nathan — Assistant Principal @NathanHeflin

If you are interested in making connections with them, please send them a message.  Post a link to an article and include their twitter handle.  Invite them to a chat.  Read their blogs and send them the link to yours.  Give their Twitter Handles to other teachers.  Re-Post this blog.

I appreciate your willingness to help me help my teachers.

Have fun making new connections!

Spring Break

From the end of World War II until the 1980’s, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida was a notorious Spring Break destination for college students.  Actually, though, in 1935, the Colgate University men’s swimming team went to Ft. Lauderdale to practice and escape from the cold, winter weather of New York.   Then in 1960, the film, Where the Boys Are, made Ft. Lauderdale even more popular for Spring Break until the 1985 law that raised the minimum legal drinking age to 21.  This law inspired many underage college students to travel outside of the United States for Spring Break. (

Today many corporate sponsors such as Coca-Cola, Gillette, MTV, and the US Armed Forces cater to the college market and cities stand to make a lot of money from tourism over Spring Break.

But for most public school teachers, Spring Break means a lot more than sun, beaches, drinking, and partying.  It is a much-needed break from the STRESS,  BAD ATTITUDES, and from just being TIRED.  For many, it is a chance to catch up on housework, yard work, laundry, etc.  and just as a chance to do something else besides “school”.

Stressed out teachers

Is this how you felt before Spring Break?

Take this week and enjoy yourself.  RelaxRefresh … Rejuvenate.


Come back in a week FIRED UP and ready to make a difference in the lives of your students.