the world

Do your students want to learn?  Do they look forward to coming to your class?  Do they get a chance to create, to collaborate, to connect?  Or do they get a chance to fill in the blanks on a worksheet?  Like Will Richardson says in his book, Why School, the world has changed — and continues changing — rapidly and radically.  Technology is a huge part of our lives today.  Everybody’s lives.  Teacher’s lives and, yes, even students.  Why not harness the power of technology and its opportunities to connect and learn.  Be creative.  Make it fun.

How do you use technology in your classes?  How do you connect with the world?  How do your students connect?

  1. Vince Brach says:

    Very professional-looking! I think you are right that teachers should work to make their classes fun, especially since students today classify everything as either “fun” or “boring.” As DeWitt points out, much can be done by simplifying our explanations. However, I believe (paraphrasing Einstein) that while it is good to simplify, it is bad to oversimplify.

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