Learning is Fun

Remember when you were in elementary school (for some of us, that was a very long time ago) and you actually enjoyed school and looked forward to getting up everyday and going to school to learn.  Back then, learning was fun.  Somewhere along the way, though, something happened.  I can’t say what it actually was, but it was something.  School wasn’t fun anymore.  Whatever it was, it made learning not fun anymore.

I’m not here to say that every teacher in every school has made learning not fun.  I guarantee that everyone of us can think about that one special or not-so-special teacher.  What was it about him/her that comes to mind?  Also, I’m not here to place blame on anyone.

What I would like to do, however, is to challenge you to reflect.  Reflect on your own teaching practices.  Reflect on your classes from last year and the years before.  Reflect on your classes this year.  Reflect on your subject.  Think about what you have control of …. you and your style. I understand that there are factors in every school with every child that are beyond our control.  But, there are also factors in every school that you do have control of … your attitude, your effort, your desire, and your ability to make learning fun.

Our world has changed over the years.  The standards for success have changed.  But what hasn’t changed is that students still need to learn, and we need good teachers to teach them.  How you teach these students makes a difference.

In the following video, Tyler Dewitt talks about ways to make your subject and your classes fun. And when it is fun, the students will learn.  Once again learning is fun, and It’s OK to Make Learning Fun.   He uses biology as the example, but you can do this for any subject.

What is is that you do that makes learning fun?  I hope that, as you reflect on this question, you can answer it positively.  But if you can’t, it’s not too late.  Just know that you have total control from here on out to make your class fun.

Remember, It’s OK to Make Learning Fun.



  1. MPNEngaged says:

    Reblogged this on mpnENGAGED and commented:
    Fun “sticks”!

  2. Jennifer Rogers says:

    I watched Here Comes The Boom this weekend as it was recommended at TCEA, very inspirational as the teacher remembers how to make learning fun! ________________________________

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