Make it a Learning Opportunity

Posted: February 5, 2013 in Collaboration, communication, Connected, Hard Work, inspiration, Leadership, Learning, Negativity, Optimism, PLN, Positive, Team, Vision
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We just finished our 3rd six weeks benchmarks and after looking at the data, there were some bright spots. But there were also some not-so-bright spots.

It is now time for an After Action Review (AAR).

1. What was supposed to happen?
2. What actually happened?
3. What accounts for the difference?
4. What can we learn from it?
5. What do we do now?

Now is the time for some serious conversations. It’s not going to be a blame session. It’s not a time to make excuses. It will be a learning opportunity.

Now is the time to get more focused and be accountable. Without accountability nothing gets done, and lack of accountability paves the way for mediocrity.

Nobody wants that. Nobody.


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