This school year we have been stressing that in order to increase student achievement we must have great instruction.  This is not anything that is new or cutting-edge; it is just plain common sense. This past summer I read a book written by Sean Cain and then, when I attended the TASSP (Texas Association of Secondary School Principals) Summer Conference in June,  I was fortunate enough to hear Sean Cain and others speak about The Fundamental 5.  I brought the ideas back to my campus and now we are using the ideas and strategies of the Fundamental 5.

Also this year I challenged my staff to try new things, take risks, and to not be afraid to fail.  I am looking to have my teachers be comfortable with new ideas and excited about trying new things.  I know that we all get in our comfort zones and don’t like to step out of the box, so I just keep encouraging them to “just try.”  I had one teacher who approached me about Flipping her classes.  She actually wanted to know if I would mind if she tried!  She has been working extremely hard on this project for her U.S. History classes and is doing a great job.

Back in December, we had an early release day for the students and the faculty had professional development.  So, in keeping with the concepts of The Fundamental 5 and trying new things, I decided to make a video and send it to my teachers so they could watch it before we met.  All in all, I think it went well and we had a productive day.

Here is the video that I made about The Fundamental 5 — The FORMULA for Quality Instruction.


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