What Makes a Great Teacher, Pt. 2 — Student’s Perspectives

Posted: December 13, 2012 in Collaboration, Connected, Hard Work, Leadership, Learning, PLN, Principals, Team, Vision
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good teacher 1

High quality instruction is vital to student success.  Sure, there are students who will “get it” no matter what the teacher does.  There are also those students who really struggle in their classes.  With both of these types of students, a great teacher will make it where student achievement and student learning goes above and beyond.

What do students think about what makes a great teacher?  Recently,  I talked to a few students and asked them this question.  Here are their responses:

  • It takes patience.  A good teacher is one who is determined to help the students understand what it is they need to learn.  It doesn’t matter how long, they’ll take their time.
  • Some teachers seem not to care if a student is successful or not, but a great teacher cares.  Students know this and will give more in class if they know the teacher cares.
  • A great teacher makes class fun. They make the students want to learn.
  • When a student needs help, a good teacher will work one on one if the student needs it.
  • Students will work hard when a teacher is fair.
  • A good teacher takes something that is hard and makes it easy.  They find more than one way to get the points across to the students.
  • Good teachers don’t expect the same from each student.  They know their students, and their limitations, and they will make the students work to their individual potential.
  • They make class interesting … not boring.
  • A good teacher does not show favoritism.  They know that this would create dissension between the students and the teacher.
  • Great teachers do not yell, use sarcasm, and are not disrespectful to the students.  If a teacher is like this, then students will not try.
  • A good teacher is a good motivator.
  • Teachers with a positive, upbeat attitude make learning fun and make me want to go to class.
  • Teachers understand students are in so many activities outside of class and sometimes need help with an extension.
  • Some teachers just tell you stuff and don’t try to explain, but a good teacher really attempts to explain things in different ways.
  • Good teachers enforce the rules and don’t let students disrupt the class.

Students are honest.  These responses are honest.

good teachers 2

  1. I’ve done the same and find that #2 seems to be the big one. Thanks for posting–It was a thoughtful piece of work!

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