Posted: November 18, 2012 in Collaboration, Connected, Leadership, Learning, PLN, Vision
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This weekend my family and I visited Texas A&M. We went to Yell Practice at midnight on Friday. We walked all around the campus on Saturday morning before going to the football game on Saturday afternoon. Needless to say, it was an eye-opening experience.

I had always heard about the many traditions at Texas A&M, but I have never been to their campus to see it for myself. What I saw was great. From the viewpoint of a public school educator, I saw school spirit at its finest. I saw grandparents, parents, and kids all decked out in school colors. I saw EVERBODY participating in the yells (I had no idea what they were saying and doing, but I acted like I did because I didn’t want to stick out). I saw the band perform the most amazing drill at halftime. It is indescribable the complexity of their routine! It was awesome, but what makes it even more awesome, they learn a different routine each week!!!! I saw a 102 year old alumnus attend the game and give the 87,101 fans the “Gig ’em” thumbs up sign on the jumbo tron.

I got to thinking….how do you instill school spirit, pride, and tradition like this? Or even just a fraction?!?

I welcome your ideas and comments !!!


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