Veterans Day 2012

Posted: November 11, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Yesterday I read an article in a newspaper about a soldier who had just returned from Afghanistan. The soldier’s father is a teacher/coach at an area high school and was involved in a skit at a pep rally that concluded with a surprise entry from his son during the skit. Wow! Can you imagine the emotion!

Here is a link to the article:

There are many men and women who are serving our country and protecting our freedom right now. To them, I say THANK YOU! To those who have served this country in the past, I say THANK YOU!

Each year our school tries to honor our veterans with a program and reception that gives them the recognition and respect they deserve. This year we had the program at our elementary school, then the veterans had a police escort from the elementary to our middle school/high school campus. The middle school and high school students and teachers lined the street holding signs and waving flags as the veterans drove by waving proudly at the students. It was awesome seeing huge smiles on the faces of these veterans.

I know that throughout this great country there are many events like these that I just described. We just want recognize the hard work, the sacrifice, and the dedication of our veterans and on this Veterans Day say … THANK YOU!


  1. :). U should blog EVERYDAY!!!

  2. armymom2011 says:

    I am mom to the soldier and I can tell you my husband immediately burst into tears. As did most of the people. I wish you could see the video! Thanks again. Happy 4th!

    • scotwright says:

      Tell your son that I said Thank You for his service. And to you and your husband, I can’t imagine how proud you are!

      Happy 4th. God bless!

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