Moving Forward

Posted: September 27, 2012 in Collaboration, Connected, Leadership, PLN, Vision
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Every day in schools, many decisions are made that will have a huge impact on student achievement.  After all, student achievement is our main focus.  The decisions we make determine if we move forward or keep the status-quo.  If we decide to keep doing as we always have, then were not growing.  And by keeping the status-quo, we are actually moving in reverse.  This is not good!

So what does it take to move forward?

It takes vision.  Leaders who don’t have vision will get left behind.  It takes courage.  Leaders without courage will get left behind.  But it also takes a team.  A team with the same vision and courage.  A team that doesn’t want to get left behind.  A team that wants to move forward.

I am fortunate because I have a great team of teachers who don’t want to keep the status-quo.  They want to move forward!   They are getting other teachers to join the team because they also don’t want to get left behind.  These teachers are leading by example.

So what are they doing?

They are collaborating with each other and other teachers all across the country and even collaborating with teachers from other countries.  They used to close their doors and each teacher would just do their own thing.  Now they’re are reaching out to others and sharing ideas.  They want to work together.

They are taking risks.  “If it works, great.  If it doesn’t, let’s make adjustments and try again.”  This is the new mindset.  No longer are they doing the same things they’ve done every year.  What is happening is the teachers are experiencing a refreshing new attitude, one that the students see and are responding to positively.

They are connected.  They have created their own Personal Learning Networks (PLN) thru Twitter.  The teachers are now giving and receiving high quality, teacher-led professional development on a daily basis.  This has created the environment where the teachers can collaborate and take risks.

My teachers have accepted the challenge!  Now, they are empowered.  They are energized.  They are excited.  And now, good things are happening!  This year we are taking our school to another level.

This year we are moving forward!


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